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1.when one person takes the cum from a cock during a blowjob, and kisses it into the mouth of the other
2. when two guys kiss the cum from each others cocks back into their mouths
she came up and kissed me, dripping my cum back into my mouth, after she blew my cock; she cum exchanged into my willing mouth
by pntiemant July 07, 2009
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when a man and a woman are sitting a few feet apart and excessively masturbate to the extent where the cum shoots out of the penis and vagina so hard that it can reach the other person
Rod and Sandy were sitting down three feet apart. They each masturbated so much that the sperm from the penis and the cum from the vagina shot out and reached the other person and it formed a cum exchange.
by urtognia November 05, 2007
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