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A Female who jerks off a male while he is in slumber, to collect sperm on a specific body part. (i.e. Breasts)
I thought I was having a wet dream the other day, but it turned out to be the Cum Bandit getting me to bust on her tits..
by RJohnyblaze June 22, 2008
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One who uses sperm as means of theft. The bandit convinces someone to perform fellatio upon him, and when nearing completion, he asks to ejaculate on his victim's face, requesting to "let me cum on your face, it will be sexy." While ejaculating, he aims his penis towards the eye of his victim, with the aim of getting sperm in both eyes. The sperm will temporarily blind the victim, at which point the bandit looks around for some items to steal, as the victim is unable to stop him. He then flees the scene, while he hears the cries of his victim as he runs away, "nooooo, not the cum bandit!!"
"So I took this guy home from the bar, and as I was going down on him he wanted to give me a facial. Little did I know he was the cum bandit. Now I need a new laptop." -Kristine

"Bitch can I cum on your face? SKEET SKEET!! BIG SCREEN TV, peace bitch!!" - Cum Bandit
by cum bandito December 09, 2010
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A rabid woman who is obsessed with cum obsessed enough to keep all of her victims man goo in tiny containers in a filing cabinet
The cumbandits Gotten me again
by kathleen the asshat January 21, 2006
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