Someone who challenges an established culture (usually a profoundly ignorant teenager or misguided Leftist) by claiming that it is a figment of one's imagination, a social construction, something that is entirely defined by a specific hierarchy which they see as the embodiment of evil impeding social progress. i.e white-supremacy, patriarchy, Islamophobia, etc

This person is also incapable of saying anything positive about their identity/culture. They are thinly disguised masochists who make an identity out of childish rebellion.

They are collectivists by nature because the axis of their argument excludes all individual behavior and only looks at the ends, not the means. Because they rely on collective guilt they also easily slip on the mask of fascism and totalitarianism. The antithesis (read: antidote) to their opposite political philosophy, which makes a complete mockery of Marx's ideas, is libertarianism.
I went to a liberal art's college but it was infested with edgy cultural marxists
by Ellulogique February 18, 2016
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'Believers' who fill their collective empty life with passionate hatred against anyone or anything they don't like or can't understand.
We, as collective cultural marxist, hate you because you are a creative business man, which means you should be just a sinner no matter how much you have achieved.
by roborobo January 27, 2019
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Anybody with the AUDACITY to disagree with the alt-right; includes feminists, The Gays™, people who believe the earth is round, and actual Marxists.
Those cultural Marxists won't let me be racist!! This is an afront to my freedom of speech!
by EustaceClarenceScrubb January 23, 2021
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A person, a group of people, organization, or political/social movement that adheres -either overtly, inadvertently, or by the threat of social execution- to the descriptive statements prescriptive statements and measures of Cultural Marxism.
John, did you hear that girl? She talks about power struggles for blacks and gays and abolishing 'whiteness' and 'heteronormativity'.

Oh yeah, she's a cultural Marxist. It's best to keep her away from positions of power so she doesn't try to force her ideology on the rest of us.
by fem-coq lover December 12, 2021
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