someone who's so clueless about being a human being that they need to study and write papers about it.
our lecturer is totally bizarre!
oh, he's a cultural anthropologist. he's trying to "understand" this whole "living" thing.
by geek.neo January 24, 2011
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Usually a social reject who must be banished to a far-off place for multiple years under the pretense of understanding how the marginalized people of the Earth live and think. Unfortunate groups that are forced to tolerate cultural anthropologists living in their midst usually send the village idiot to distract the anthropologist for as long as possible.
Cultural anthropologist speak: "Fed up with the banal and decrepit humdrum of American society, I took off for the remote lands of the Xanabu. They were overjoyed at my arrival and I have already taken down 100 pages of stories from the old blind man who greeted me. These are said to be sacred, ancient tales."
by mtncrazie January 17, 2012
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A person (either male or female) who is exceptionally hip and up-to-date. They have the coolest gear, say the hottest terms, and know all there is too know in todays world. They are usually between the ages of 20 and 30.
Bryan: Yo nice sneakers! Can I rock them for a day or two?

John: I don't think so bro.

Bryan: You have all the coolest stuff, you are always on the cutting edge.

John: I guess I am what you would call a Cultural Anthropologist bro.
by B Weezy March 13, 2008
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