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Culpeper county is a small county located in central Virginia. It can be a pretty decent and scenic place. However, It's just as much of a shithole.
If you're looking to get your dick sucked in exchange for a baggie of "H", look no fucking further. You've found the perfect place! Drug central through out this motherfucker. If you need a job, there's a local plug always hiring. No benefits package, but its non-taxable income and it's cold hard cash. Only requirement is that you live at home with both parents in their trailer and trap. You'll constantly hear the scream of sirens when the town drunks start fighting, a drug deal goes solid, somebody else has overdosed, or the non-driving bastards have caused yet another wreck. Other than that, great place! Small town, So once one person knows your name, everyone does! Gossip central out here. Occupied with school boys driving daddy's trucks that collect at the local Wal-Fart and talk shit about people who they claim are their "friends" while trying to impress that 15 year old Thot that has already fucked the entire county by age 16, it really drives home just how amazing this place can be! Move now! Don't miss your chance!.
Culpeper County: Place where backstabbers live and the stomping ground of thots.

Stranger: "Where's Culpeper County?"
Me: "Nowhere".
Stranger: "Any good girls out there?"
Me: "The farm lands are more fertile than these thots and have probably been plowed less too. So nah".
Stranger: "Well fuck".
Me: "They do that alot".
by TBonez91 February 09, 2018
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