A person who is named “Carlos” but named Culos because he thinks he’s better in fortnite and is in love with Stephen Curry’s dick
“At least I don’t camp in fortnite,Culos
by Bigbobby23 July 07, 2018
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More than one “Culo”. Can’t be explained but you one them when you see them.
I guess we’re not going to the firing range because my friends are culos.
by Meubitch September 29, 2019
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slang in Spanish to call someone that you are friends with benefits with, but you haven't established your relationship yet.
Sammy: how's everything with tom going?
Tracy: idk we haven't established our relationship yet.

Sammy: if you haven't established your relationship yet, you are culos.

Tracy: you are right, I didn't realize
by yourbitchsweetheart January 07, 2021
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