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Any variety of pornography in which images of items being crushed under the feet of women or men is the main draw. Crushings may of a stomping, violent nature. Often, items include male genetalia, and small rodents and insects. Crush has been tied to S&M, BDSM and the foot fetish. Female participants in Crush often wear stiletto heels, or the foot may otherwise be glamorized. Either participant can achieve gratification from a Crush, depending on one's interests.
Steve, check out this new crush porn I just downloaded!
by Colin Grover June 07, 2005
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Porn in which a woman in stiletto heels stomps on a man's testicles in an act of sexual gratification.
"Jamie was really into watching bitches with heels stomp out some lifeless corpse in his favorite crush porn."
by Path January 03, 2005
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When people (mostly from the dark web) torture animals for other people's amusement (highly illegal)
Tim: Today I found the sexiest tape of some crush porn, it has a cat in it, too!
Edith: ... You're sick
by Anatursia October 09, 2018
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