A word which became popular thanks to rap artist Lil’ Jon. Used when people talk about getting drunk and going nuts. A word used to disguise the word drunk so older adults will not know what is going on.

That kid has know idea whats going on hes so crunk.
by Willy Gudelsky September 25, 2006
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an adjective used to define the intensity of fun happening at a certain place to event.
"That party was so CRUNK I didn't want to leave!"
by Chrasity Bartinez May 26, 2006
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Crunk is a specific type of hip hop music, based particularly on the eastern side of Atlanta, Georgia, and its birthplace of Memphis, Tennessee. Crunk is classified as a subdivision of Dirty South, Southern rap, and Memphis Rap and is an outgrowth of Miami-based Miami bass and New Orleans bounce music.

Lil John and the East Side Boys, Jermaine Dupri, and Three 6 Mafia are all examples of artists under the genre of crunk.
by natural anthem September 20, 2006
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Sucking back the sweet liquor whilst enjoying the sweet leaf. Nothing better.
I was so crunked up last night. I think I ate all the meatballs. Sorry bay bye !I am very Crunked as I type....bye bye.. Ow !
by Brett Spicer May 09, 2006
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to be in a wild ass state of being. to describe something fun and/or wild. mostly used in reference to parties. does not have anything to do with being in an altered state from drugs and/or alcohol.
The party last night was crunk as hell. The police couldn't even break it up.
by Big Dezz February 26, 2005
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Where I live, to be crunk means to have an aggressive attitude and be looking for a fight. It's not a played expression, it has simply evolved, as so many slang words do.
I tried to mind my own business but he be all crunk and tried to start some shit.
by esmerose April 30, 2009
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