old word gaining new popularity in stupid bullshit rap songs because everyone is getting tired of hearing "fo' shizzle my nizzle". Pussy ass rap artists sit around and shit out these new words and think they're the shit when really they just smell like shit.
I'm a skank ass rap artist and when I say CRUMP, you shove that cucumber up my ass because i aint gonna stop you from doing it.
by fuk dre fuk eminem January 12, 2005
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A slang medical term indicating that a patient's medical condition is rapidly worsening. See also: circling the drain.
I gotta run to room 3815--my patient is starting to crump!

That patient with the stroke is crumping--we better call the family!
by Dr. Joe August 10, 2004
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The word crump originated from an ancient form of deriving the tastiness factor found within food. Tasty Baggins, a pioneering hobbit fond of food and all things tasty, believed that all food was tasty but that tastiness itself had varied levels of intensity and greatness. It's unknown how the word was created by Tasty, but it is known that Tasty had a heavy hand in it's formation and scalability.
Gandalf and Tasty enjoyed a rather crumptacular lunch.
by TBagend January 17, 2011
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It is a type of dance, with extremely fast and complicated moves that seem to have no pattern or repition and it is supposed to make you laugh and make you say, "wow". Usually, you are standing around in a group and only one person crumps at a time while everyone watches and laughs.
Check out Jay over there crumping. Do you know how to crump? I can't move that fast. He is so friggin funny.
by ms. w January 07, 2006
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The arch rival of "verm"

..........they go way back
Verm insulted crump again in class today, but crump isn't witty enough to have a good come-back.
by nitrosmack October 08, 2004
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The incorrect spelling for krump; an improvise dance, esp. in competition.
The guys in the club were getting krump (crump) on the dance floor.
by cbw September 11, 2005
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