Refers to an individual who is on the path to physical harm, often leading to bruising. Often times this individual may have no idea that harm is imminent. The harm is usually initiated by the future vicitm of that harm, and is often deserved. Feelings of extreme gratification can be felt for the individual inflicting the bruising.
My little brother stole my yankee cap twice yesterday. I told him that he was cruisin for a bruisin. Today he stole it again and I fed it to him. He's still crying but man did it feel good.
by Izzy1979 August 24, 2006
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Doing something stupid that will result in you getting your ass kicked or receiving other bodily harm.
Tom: "I'm gonna go play a money game of pool. Let me find a sucker...a-ha!"
Steve: "I don't know, man. That guy's kind of big...and I just saw him run the table in two turns."
Tom: "You up for a $100 game?"
6'8" 300 lb. biker: "Yeah, bring it on little man."
Steve: "Do you even have $100 on you?"
Tom: "No, but don't worry, it's in the bag."
Steve: "I don't know, man. I think you might be cruisin' for a bruisin'."
by Nick D November 10, 2005
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Music that you cruise to. usually has a slow beat, and also has a good amount of bass.
I slapped on the cruisin' music and cruised around town.
by Studmuffin March 27, 2005
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Partaking in the usage of marijuana while operating a motor-vehicle. Usually with a group of friends.
Frank: Hey I'm gonna sneak my moms car out tonight.

Rob: Sweet, we cruisin' grass?

Frank: For sure bro.
by robyscu May 18, 2011
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A euphemism for roaming the streets at night looking for same sex (gay) companionship
Chadwick: Hey Brandon what did you do while you were in Hawai'i?

Brandon: I was Tom Cruisin' the Banana Republic and the Armani Exchange for a nancy-boy. Had no luck so I Tom Cruised the mothership.......Ala Moana Prada flagship store.
by curoninja May 5, 2006
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1. Riding the bitch cruiser.

2. Riding a bitch like a bicycle.

3. Going cruising for bitches so you can ride em like a bicycle.
1. Sam was bitch cruising down the Avenue on his new bitch cruiser.

2. Yo, i just bitch cruised that ho last night!

3. Yo, me and my boys going bitch cruising at the club!
by billal adam March 12, 2008
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-Song by Asher Roth
-Or an act of smokeing weed in the car and just rideing anywhere you please.
-(you know we be blunt crusin'
my homies in the front, got honeys in the back

you roll that weed up and put it in the air

you know we be blunt crusin' )

-yo dude lets go blunt cruisin around town.
by juelzzzsanny August 24, 2009
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