Herpes or anything that infests your junk.
"Dude i heard that chick gave steve a case of crotch rot"
by croch-rot May 15, 2003
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A newfound Sexually Transmitted Disease that develops on the surface of the crotchal region when a man or woman conducts sexual acts with a member of the undead. Oral, manual or all out sexual stimulation will result in the infection of "Crotchrot." A highly contageous Infection with no found cure in existance. Converts the Penis or Vagina into flesh eating undead genitals. Comforatable sex can only be had with other infected individuals
(Dan): Hey Bill, I heard your girlfried became another victim to the Undead Plauge going around. I'm sorry to hear that. Did you at least have sex with her one last time before she died?
(Bill): Sex, yes... Before, No... But she had only been Undead for a few minutes.
(Dan): Come on, i'll take you to get checked for Crotchrot
by Jason "Minty Fresh" Bodi October 23, 2006
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on a hot summer day when you take a shit and you dont wipe your ass to good and then your crack and hole get chaffed and it mixes with sweat and it fucks your whole day cause it irritates when you walk, woman wont admit to this
i pooed this morniing and didnt wipe good now i have crotch rot.. see monkey butt
by urexcellency May 16, 2003
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A local fungus infection in the groing area. Most often caused by poor hygene.

Strong odor of caproic acid and/or urine.
For women add vaginal odor/fecal odor & odor of oxidized sperm in the sexually active.
Wash thoroughly, apply antifungal cream or powder ( powder preferred ) daily until gone. ( usually 2-3 days
by 8b839 December 11, 2003
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a nasty and unknown growth of fungai, mushrooms and moss on female vagina. Often there could be found a lot of cheesecake with raisins.
-yes Ana?
-I think i have crotch rot!
-hmm let me check....
-(erotic sounds)
-mhm its crotch rot....hey cheesecake!
by Notorious Chimp April 02, 2004
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A distinctly disgusting odor emitting from the junk of lazy and/or European dudes who are probably not circumcised or the snatch of dirty street-walking skanks who require a drip pan between their legs. Often identified by the large mass of flying insects buzzing around the crotch of said male or female. At it's worst, crotch rot can include the oozing/dripping of a greenish, highly toxic liquid.
A stomach-turning but highly effective form of birth control.

3 mile island landfill stank box
"Croshay is all kinds of nasty, dude. She got crotch rot again this week & her gash is so infected, it looks like those lips got too much botox. But, she done got rid of the roach problem in her apartment!"
"LaFonduh sat on my couch, and her crotch rot ate right through to the stuffing!"
by Kel-Kan March 21, 2016
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