1. Tight ass Long Beach, CA rapper.

2. A bottle of Malt Liquor.
1. "Absolutely, cats bring their gats to shoot me
I even watch all them rats actin goofy
Disguised as groupies, that's a doozy
What's that bulge under your shirt?
That's an uzi... excuse me"

2. "You got tha crooked i nigga?"
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Mutha truckin St. Ides, the King of all 40s. At 8.2% alcohol, this shit gets you crunked. Known as crooked I because of the zig zag shaped I behind the label.
I was throwin' up after two 40s of crooked I.
by 40oz Philosopher June 01, 2005
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Slang term for Indianapolis, Indiana (See also, the 317, or Naptown)
You representing the crooked I?
by poliscigrrl February 15, 2005
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