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An animal that could've killed Steve Irwin until a stupid stingray decided to do it instead.
(Sometime in 2003)

Steve Irwin - As you can see, this ferocious crocodile is showing some aggressiveness, crikey!

(On the morning of Monday, September 4, 2006)

Steve Irwin - That motherfucking stingray just stung me in my chest with its poisonous barb! Thanks to all my fans for a wonderful life that shouldn't have been taken away so abruptly.

(Steve Irwin dies soon after he's pulled out of the water)
by neurodistortion September 05, 2006
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An older gay man who preys on/lusts after young gay men; a gay cougar of sorts.
"He likes expensive wine too much. He's total crocodile bait."
by jah242 March 27, 2010
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Refers to when you go down on a woman and if you're good, from her vantage point you look like a crocodile because all she can see are your eyes.
Also, "Playing Crocodile", "Want to play Crocodile"

"Hey we haven't played Crocodile in a while honey, why don't you head down to my swamp and eat some fish".
by Hessier November 18, 2010
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The male queer version of cougar. Typically 40 years or above, likes to hook up with younger queer men. The crocodile frequents gay dance clubs and public bathhouses.
Mario: OMG, that crocodile is totally hitting on me.

Cody: You're lucky, I LOVE me some crocodile meat!

Mario: I will give him your number.

Cody: Sweet! Just call me the Croc Hunter!
by Roshambo187 December 13, 2011
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Aww, look at that crocodile baby, he's got blue eyes and an afro!


Barack Obama isn't black, he's a crocodile!
by crocodile aly February 15, 2010
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Australian slang - colloquial term for an amorous female
wrestling a crocodile
ie - to engage in consensual intercourse with an amorous female
by dan October 01, 2004
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