a homophobic, Lunch Club wannabe group do not follow them on twitter if you do it will install a virus on your computer and you will see Cringe Quarters tweets on your timeline
Have you seen the new Cringe Quarters video? Bart said a slur!
by 0% milk June 10, 2020
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When you hear something so cringe that your heat retracts into your chest like a turtle
Someone: Hey I just took part in my schools talent show, I sang Riptide on my ukulele.

You, probably: Damn, thats so cringe my shoulders touch my ears like a cringe turtle
by _goose March 5, 2021
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a cringe wannabe is a entertainment company/company run by a generation older than the ones theyre are trying to appeal to. they use common inside jokes, words or certain ways you say something to appeal to the aimed generation.
friend: did you see what netflix caption on their newest post was

me: yes, they are such a cringe wannabe. oh and also didnt you say kanye was gonna release an album last friday?

friend: i think he thought to himself: " i forgor💀 " but he will " i rember " eventually.
by jogabagaba July 25, 2021
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Watching a show you used to really like, but now you're on the last few seasons that are so bad it's become a chore to watch them, so you watch them all in one day to get it over with.
Monty: There's only 6 more episodes of Dexter left. We could finish the show tomorrow night.
Waylon: But the show's gotten so bad. Can't we just stop watching. We could go out and have fun instead of Cringe Watching some show we're both over.
Monty: No......I want to know how it ends.
Waylon: <Sigh> OK, at least it'll be over with.
by !JayAm! July 25, 2020
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Cringing- Simply cringe but its more cringe
thats lowkey cringing
by cringing January 29, 2022
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to mentally binge on thoughts about one's existence that arouse feelings of disgust or embarrassment about one's self
"I've spent many sleepless nights during the pandemic mentally cringing myself into a state of deep despair and self loathing."
by SalvyZ May 2, 2021
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u are cringing if u get a insane amount of bitches and ur bsf is mean
how u say that without cringing
by expectant April 16, 2022
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