1. engaing in criminal behavior
See that guy running down the steet? He looks like he's crimin'.
by Carrie W. June 18, 2006
A good roblox game unfortunately plagued by fucking losers who just camp on roofs with high-damage pistols and wait for you to do something so they can 3rd party you
robloxian 1: dude wanna play some crim? (criminality)
robloxian 2: sorry man im not playing fucking roofcamp simulator no thank you
by Homeless Desk August 22, 2021
When criminals are out committing crimes, they are out "crimin'" (slang for "criming")
Those cops oughta quit bunchin up...if the criminals notice, they'll be out crimin' for sure!
by larstriplj April 26, 2007
The crime expected or associated with one's nationality. Usually used by racists.
Person 1: Hey see that Chinese person?
Person 2: Ya, what about him?
Person 1: He's standing right beside my bike but I'm not worried because I'd give him a low criminality rating.
by Tyrulan April 12, 2009
Someone who does stuff that is unaccepted by society and the court of law that gets booked into prison
Criminals turn faggots after a few weeks in prisons how can they not seeing men all day
by KingInnaEarth February 2, 2021
Criminalism is the act of committing a crime punishable by imprisonment.
The Judge to the crowd

"He has committed a crime of criminalism, punishable by 7 months imprisonment"
by Pull the Lever, Kronk! October 23, 2018
The art of engaging in mischevious behavior that often is misconstrued as a common crime.
Last night we all snuck into the football stadium and had some fun with the PA system. Classic crimin' at its best.
by Bungalow Bill July 27, 2002