A female resembling a crack whore who hangs out along the street side, usually in seedy to middle and upper class neighborhoods, begging for attention, more than likely through munchausin syndrome, also molestation and/ or being born in Orange County and surrounding areas in California. She is willing to do anything to further her social standings including sexual favors, lieing, snitching, stealing etc.
Person 1~ " So what happened with you and your ex?"
Me~" She turned out to be a curb cricket just like the rest of them!"
by The Few June 6, 2014
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Female one who dwells around the truck and trailer park hiding in the ditch in the dark licking the chin off her face.
The obscene ways of a truck stop creature comes afar came as I was grabbing hotdogs with my buddy I squealed and she rank told that ditch cricket to kick rocks
by Pastor Michael November 27, 2017
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There’s always those chicks that hang out around any dock or boat ramp that will blow or take a hard rod to ride along on the boat with any random captain. These are the chicks we’ve spoke of!
I knew she was a dock cricket when I said “Well, to ride with us we take Ass, Grass, or Cash”.. Lets just say, she provided the Ass!
by CricketSmasherRFFCPIRATE November 3, 2020
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Loud Latinos, often found in large groups outside the bodega at night;

Known to fill vehicles past recommended capacity.
Look at all them water crickets packed in that Honda!
by Rell Mars November 21, 2018
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A person that takes money from another person for financial gain
That person owes me 700 dollars he is a shit cricket
by SMACK A RONI May 13, 2022
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Someone who steals money from another for financial gain *Jimmy Controversy
You better give me back my money you little shit cricket
by SMACK A RONI May 13, 2022
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Stubborn little fucks that just won’t ever shut the hell up, I’d say one of the worst bugs ever created in Gods green earth
Man I can’t get no sleep, those damn shit crickets won’t shut the hell up
by Hashsimons September 13, 2020
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