Someone who talks behind your back, but when your around they have nothing to say.
Person# 1 "Tim said he thinks your a
loser and he really doesnt like you"

Person #2 " he never says anything to

Person #1 "yep, hes a cricket!"
by Castro7051 November 19, 2013
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1.One of the most boring games to watch, but it's bloody good fun when your playin' it.

2.Small green bug thing. Makes annoying sound.
1. It's just not cricket
2. Chiiirrrpp chiiirrrpp!
by Onya July 28, 2006
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A game that Indians are very, very serious about.
So they had a strip of ground about twelve feet wide and forty long - one wicket was a trash can, the other was a chair. Jivaji gets the ball and wings it at the wicket, blowing the trash can to tiny little bits.

Cricket is a serious game.

by Chester Bogus November 21, 2007
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very cheep cell phone company that is everywhere(at least in ohio). like Starbucks its on ever corner.
there color is bright green and there symbol is a giant K
man:i just got this cricket phone for 45$ a month!
girl: ohh the unlimited everything plan!
man: yup!
girl: which store? main and third?
man: no main and second!
girl: ohh that's the nice one!!
by owayday March 02, 2009
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One cool ass chic who is twice the man than all the men she has met.
Whoa.. she dumped his faking, perpetrating, side busting, shady, some timey (sometimes it’s chics sometimes it’s dicks), GOP ass like a cricket.
by ceejay76 July 27, 2012
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when one of two parties are speaking on the telephone past ten p.m. when one of the parties asks a question that could or could not be life changing. the opposite party reacts in a way that could only be described by the sounds of crickets.
ben husband: hey madi, i dont know where your heart is. why are you acting this way? i love you and i want us to be together.

madi wife: *no response hence the use of crickets*

ben husband: stop giving me those crickets and tell me how you feel.
by cheesemachine December 06, 2009
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A sport mainly played in Southeast Asia and Europe
I love to play cricket
via giphy
by sajmahal October 13, 2017
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