a bunch of losers standing on a patch of grass calling each others mums fat.
by vaporesso February 28, 2021
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A sport superior to all others in which Om and Faaris dominate because Indians and Pakistanis are gods. England think they are good but seriously...

Person 1: We're playing Cricket
Person 2: Lucky that sport is far superior than all others
Person 1: I just got to be careful with all the Indians and Pakistanis

Person 2: Yeah they're GODS
by MaNameDefinetleyNotJeff July 21, 2019
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When in a social media setting (FB, Twitter) etc... the original poster sends out something and is asked for people to respond in kind. Depending on the political/social view of the original poster or others who are of the same mindset- are posting- then an opposing view is published with reliable facts to back up the response. Then in true fashion when facts don't matter over "feelings" these crickets stop responding because they know they have been exposed.
Hey Mary... I noticed that in my response to your fake article that has ben exposed, you did not respond to the facts I (and others) have sent you to respond to? I am guessing you must just be one of those crickets who just can't use facts over feelings?
by JerseyBorn55 March 14, 2017
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Slang word for a black person. Most often used when referring to a group of blacks.
Most male crickets end up in prison.
by Rooster1969 March 25, 2017
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people say that cricket is a boys sport but that is only because they don't want to go up against the girls, if they did they would so lose. Cricket is a hard sport but silly people think that you do nothing, try batting for 120 balls then I want to see what you say. Sprinters would be good pace bowlers and cross country runners would be good batsmen.
person1: cricket is so freakin lame and easy
person2: oh yeah go bat for 120 balls without getting out and then honestly tell me its easy
by pineapplepeeps April 04, 2018
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