Its when a man goes to one woman to another and hes doing it on a sneak tip so the other woman wont know about the other woman.
hes a creep ass nigguh and his baby ma dont even know
by keishaunda June 27, 2009
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A kid that is or resembles that of Dan Burke, from Brockton MA. This involved "Creeping" via AIM, Facebook, or in person.
Dan Burke, why'd you request me again on facebook? Your such a creep.
by The spicy egg bandit July 10, 2008
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meaning that the action performed or the words said were wrong and disrespectful to the recipient
I can't believe he fucked his best friends girl, that shit was creep!
by ballinthickum09 April 30, 2007
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this is when a boy goes to a girls house, usually in a car with the lights off, to hook up with her
he has to creep slow with his car in order to not wake the parents
snobs is nick's wingman for all of his creeps
by nickmo June 08, 2007
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1. An excellently written song by Radiohead.
2. An also awesome song by Stone Temple Pilots.
3. A gradual result of tectonic shift, causing different layers of the ground to show over a period of several years (betcha didnt know that one :P)
4. Someone who seems awkward or strange to other people and may scare them away, i.e. creepy, not to be confused with goth, punk, etc..
5. Me.
1. '...but im a creep, im a widow, what the hell am i doing here? i don't belong here..."
3. That creep seemed to come up out of nowhere in Jane's backyard.
4. (see ex. 3)
5. Shit...Im such a creep.
by schneiderbird August 16, 2008
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Awesome song by the stone temple pilots, or stp
Im half the man i used to be...
by Ka August 17, 2004
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