Creeps are totally horrible earthlings raised in nearby environments. They enjoy v-necks and winking at people.
That girl is such a creep! She keeps winking at me and commenting on my V-Neck.
by e(s)m(a)i(r)l(a)y January 01, 2011
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One who preys on young females while pretending to appear intoxicated to make it seem like a legitimate match
wow, that kid CRANDALL is such a creep, i hear he is a 2 beer queer and chills with that one pump chump
by turka and yohan December 11, 2006
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a creep is when a person is very weird and follows somebody and somebody who uses weird finger gestures towards you and somebody who says weird phrases. a creep is somebody who could for example, tickle you so hard that its creepy
by Shane O'neill January 30, 2017
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An upperclassmen who prays on innocent freshmen because he can't get anyone in his own age group.
"yo, look at marlon k. corwin hittin on that freshman"
"what a CREEP, dog"
by the walking encyclopedia November 28, 2009
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To use the restroom on another floor of your office building in order to achieve more privacy, cleanliness, or nicer toilets.
Mark: I hate taking a crap when another guy is in the stall next door.
Steve: Dude, you should creep. There are great toilets on the fourth floor!
by Flight 504 March 11, 2009
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