The common element of a creep is that he is a guy who can't take "no" for an answer and will continue to persist after clear rejection has been made because he thinks that she will eventually give in. Conversely, a creep is also a guy who is terrified of rejection and likely to try to prove the purity of his intentions rather than except that he's horny but has nothing going for him.
Unfortunately, many women struggle to say "no" because she hates to be rejected and does not want to feel that she has inflicted the same feelings on someone in fear that it is bad karma even though the guy she rejected is probably not a creep.
by Rosebud2939 February 20, 2017
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an awesome song of radiohead...

meaning of something like loser, or not good enough for someone you love...
being wierd, and strange.
"your so fucking special, i wish i was special...but im a creep... im a wierdo.. what the hell im i doing here... i dont belong here..."
radiohead- creep
by luz June 30, 2005
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A term that shallow women use to describe any man they do not find physically attractive.
Jane: Ewww. Did you see that chubby guy over there?

Mary: Yeah. I was riding the elevator, and he got in. Then he smiled and said hello and briefly made eye contact.

Jane: Gross! He tried talking to you? What a creep.

(Attractive man walks up) Hey. I've been watching you for the last hour. You look hot. Want me to buy you a drink?

Jane: Hell yeah. Let's do shots!
by rogerthewhale February 28, 2014
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A young, studly man with a particularly good butt (from excessive stair training). A particularly common jargin among young, female Dunkin Donuts employees.
I thought that creep was going to stay there for an hour.... *sigh of longing*
by TheAuthorityOnEverything March 18, 2018
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a dude that trys way to hard with chicks, usually younger chicks. Also usually waits till the chicks are fucked up to take advantage of them
Yo what the fuck ebert is such a creep
by dillhole September 04, 2005
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A CREEP is ANYONE, Male or Female, with Icky or Undesirable Behavior or Persona (see Creep #2 & #3).
Creeps Can “Give Off” A Molester/Rapist, Sex-Fiend, Lurker Vibe.

Many Times, Creeps Are Sociopathic (they Socially Prey on People) & have “Fake Charming Voices” (see Worm Tongue).

The Male Creeps, Many Times, Sport Sparse Goatees & Usually Wear Sunglasses & are Sometimes Physically Fit, so that they can Rape More Often.

Many Female Creeps Are TATTOOED & Are “Betty Page” Look Alikes & Wannabees that have Leopard Skin Clothing Fetishes. Sometimes, they look like plain housewives.

Creeps are Always Looking to Get Laid.

Some Common Examples of Creeps (See More Detailed List on Urban Dictionary)
1. Guys or Women who “Come On” to Your Wife/Husband or Girlfriend/Boyfriend at Church.
2. All ADULTS who Try to HAVE SEX WITH Teenagers By Acting Cool through the Use of Drugs, Materialism, Music or Literature. This includes Most College Professors, many High School Teachers, Some Step-Fathers & Recreational Church Leaders.
3. Most Guys Who Have Mail-Order/Trophy Wives Half their Age out of Eastern Europe & China.
4. Married Men Who “Come On” to You While They Are Bringing their Children to School, Day Care, Church or the YMCA. (See More Detailed List on Urban Dictionary).
That Little Guy Reiner with the Goatee Beard & Dark Sun Glasses Who Keeps Trying to Have Sex With My Mother is One Little CREEP.
by Tina from the BGCA August 29, 2014
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A creep is a male that a female is not interested in. A
woman may label a man a creep if the man does not communicate
to her that he has wealth, power, or influence (such as by
the clothes he wears, the car he drives, the job title he
carries, or other external signs of social proof), and the
only thing he does show to her, his physical attractiveness,
is not enough to interest her.
If a man wears a T-shirt and jeans, gets off a bus, and
smiles at a woman, then she may label him a creep, ignore his
smile, and walk away. If the same man wears a suit, gets out
of a limousine, is surrounded by his subordinates, and smiles
at the same woman, then she may label him as her new sugar
daddy, return his smile, and join him.
by StevenTM January 17, 2008
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