A regular creampie, but with a lot of screaming and alcohol. A trademark move by broke Cubans in Florida.
“Last night I won $4 at a poker game so my wife screamed at me while I gave her a Cuban Creampie.”
by Woodeux April 3, 2019
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When someone is sucking yourself dick and you’re about to finish, but you know that the person always pulls Way before the cum comes out. So you takes both your hands and choke so they’ll keep their mouth open and you finish down their throat.
I can’t believe he gave me a blueberry creampie, I couldn’t breathe, and I almost passed out.
by Rusty Collins April 18, 2021
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When Mark Wahlberg fucks you good and gives you a creampie in the golden globes womens bathroom
1. yeah, he gave me the real Boston cream pie😍🥲
2. Omg I saw mark Wahlberg last night at the club and he gave me a Boston creampie
by Princesstwinkletoez💅 January 19, 2022
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The act of ejaculating inside a MIT undergraduate whilst saying "F**k You, Oh yeah" in a concentrated, pronounced Bostonian accent. Duration varies between six seconds to a full two minutes. In order to be accurate, one must wear one of the following while committing this act: A Celtics jersey, New England Patriots Jersey, or red socks. After ejaculation the partners must deposit the semen into a cup of New England clam chowder - only New England - and thereafter consume it with Irish beer.
Goodness fucking gracious do you smell that good-ass clam chowder? A couple must've gave each other a Boston Creampie!
by Lá Big Cheese June 20, 2017
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When a man fills a woman’s vagina with clam chowder.
Tommy stuffed my pink harbah full of clam chowdah last night. He gave me the warmest Boston creampie evah.
by Userjaymes June 3, 2019
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A crème and chocolate bagel like thing.

Definition: when cum (white/crème) and shit (brown/chocolate) become mixed together in side rectum (like the enclose bagel)

Me: I’m about to cum in your ass
Her: wait! Your dick is too deep in my ass I feel like I’m about to shit
Me: Do it!
Her: *Does it*
Me: haha babe check this out it looks like the Boston Crème Pie we had at the restaurant

Her: oh my gosh it does)

When you’re f’n someone in the ass and they start to shit you as you cum.
Boston Creampie: Cum and shit mixed together inside the rectum

Baby when you cum I’m going on shit on your dick and give you a Boston crème pie
by theBURRS July 21, 2022
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When a woman takes a dump and doesn't wipe, and then her boyfriend fucks her and cums inside her unwiped, poop-covered asshole.
My girlfriend asked if we could do something different tonight, so I waited for her to take her nightly dump and I gave her a Boston Creampie
by Rusty Shillelagh November 21, 2016
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