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After a girl get ass fucked, she shits out blood and cum mixed together in a creamy swirl.
Kevin fucked my ass so hard last night that I shat out a cream saver this morning!
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When a guy cums on a girls stomach. Then the semen hardens in her bellybutton. Next morning she wakes up with a little momento...
a bellybutton creamsaver!!! MMM! MMM! Tastey!
she woke up and was happy to see that Todd left her a little protein creamsaver.... Don't skip breakfast!!
by Talley Singer September 23, 2004
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When a man is on the verge of climaxing and the woman grabs his cock violently causing a blockage of sperm.
Right before splooging, Ralph made a bad comment to his hooker who grab his tool and caused a cream saver.
by Belt Room December 29, 2006
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To perverts, something really nasty, which someone else already defined.

To the rest of us, it's an actual candy, a type of lifesaver that had the fruit mixed with creamy flavor. Now it's off the shelves but it was delicious while it lasted.

lifesaver candy
"Hey mom can we buy some creamsavers at Walmart?

outdated mom walmart
by jasmineagrabah November 24, 2011
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