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n. A natural defense possessed by black males. Described by Richard Pryor as a false demeanor that members of said species employ when provoked, characterized by:

a) shouting in a high pitched voice
b) profanity-laced rant
c) threatening stare
d) puffing out of chest
e) brandishing of weapon(s), either real or fake

Crazy black man is a result of a black male who wishes to avoid confrontation because he either knows he will lose if a physical struggle were to ensue, or he is certain that the other party will succumb to his commands without much trouble. If applied correctly, 'crazy black man' will scare most white people. Mafiosi are immune to 'crazy black man'. If a black male uses this defense against another black male, a nigga moment will most likely take place.
I busted into the office with a cap gun, screaming 'Gimme my money motherfuckers!' Doing my best crazy black man impression. That shit usually scares whitey to death.
by spoot June 24, 2007
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