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Crayfish – also called crawfish or crawdads – are freshwater crustaceans resembling small lobsters, to which they are related; taxonomically, they are members of the superfamilies Astacoidea and Parastacoidea. They breathe through feather-like gills and are found in bodies of water that do not freeze to the bottom. They are mostly found in brooks and streams where there is fresh water running, and which have shelter against predators. Most crayfish cannot tolerate polluted water, although some species such as the invasive Procambarus clarkii are hardier. Crayfish feed on living and dead animals and plants
"We went fishing down in the stream and we caught a bunch of stupid craw daddys."
by 554887999665522532655 August 25, 2013
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A sexual act performed on a male by grabbing the testicles with four fingers and going for the long shot with the middle finger (inserting the middle finger into the anus). southbound surprise

Male version of the Shocker

a.k.a. jock shock
Grab a nut an stick it in his butt.

Move his paynus stick it in his anus.

Move his jock give em a booty shock.

Give him the crawdaddy. whooooo

by PxCNikka April 24, 2009
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(kraw•DA•dee)n. pl.(ies) an oral-hygienically challenged, smokeless-tobacco using old redneck man with an narrow world view.
Lyle hates his job. He works at a gas sation in Goshen, Indiana with a greasy old crawdaddy for a boss.
by sammer of the gods July 12, 2006
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A gay man with a beautiful body and an ugly face.

Like Crawfish if you take off the head you have something to work with.
Joe hooked up with this crawdaddy last night, he covered his head with a paper bag and went to town.
by J.J. Westcott August 28, 2007
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This word coming from the irish for wide open plains of acres of empty space forever untouched by the trod of human feet.
Clare island is a real "Crawdaddys". You could walk all around and not meet one person
by roughan June 18, 2004
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