when you have several of an object or when you have an object to excess

"You have a crapton of ice cream"
by bath and body works December 29, 2011
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A butt load, gobs, a lot, many, an over abundance.
"Don't worry! When you get here they will still have crap tons left."
by kelcieism December 28, 2011
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A large amount of work units being returned after a long period of waiting.
21:16 <@MacG> wohoo! I just reported a crapton of work units!
by Tim Bowers October 04, 2004
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A Crapton means that it is a Shitload

i.e. "fuck thats a crapton of bitches"
i.e. "fuck thats a crapton of bitches "
by Here November 30, 2003
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