one who has sex for crank/meth. as long as the supply holds out, she will remain with the supplier. or until someone else can supply her needs.
Mary must be a crankwhore, for she has sex and smokes the glass pipe at the same time. If you've got crank, she will screw you.
by Bob Young August 13, 2006
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Any girl who uses men to get what they want, ie Crank or speed. They also spend money on themselves to keep up there looks. They will suck dick if the dope is good enough, even better dope often finds them doing it for free.
person 1 Hey did you ever ask that girl Diana out on a date. person 2 I was going to but I took her rooting and all she did was stay in the garbage and talk about how much of a crankwhore she is.
by Squrrlass March 12, 2018
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