When you have had so much sex with a lady that she can no longer walk. A reference to former president Franklin Roosevelt, who had polio for most of his life and was confined to a wheel chair. This term is believed to have originated on the campus of the University of Central Florida.
"Man, did you hear me crank that Roosevelt on her last weekend? She hasn't been able to walk for 2 days".
by Kurt Quinn November 1, 2007
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I was able able to sneak off and crank that roosevelt before my niggaz came through.
by Joe Suds November 5, 2007
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When a person masturbates to the wife of a president (dead or alive.
Dude I love to crank that roosevelt to Nancy Reagan all the time.
by Wildcatss October 29, 2007
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A Roosevelt is a dime piece (a fine ass ho)...So 2 "crank dat Roosevelt" means 2 tear that dime piece up...For you country folk, that's means 2 have sexual intercourse with an attraictive young lady (that's not related 2 you)!!!
You gonna take her home tonight??? Hell ya, I'm gonna crank dat Roosevelt!!!
by AlvinKiki October 14, 2007
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To fuck a girl so hard you put her in a wheelchair like Franklin Roosevelt
You-"Dude you see that girl over there?"
Friend-"The one in the wheelchair?"
You-"Ya, last night she wasnt in a wheelchair"
Friend-"Dude, you cranked dat roosevelt"
by mike degan April 30, 2009
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To do an A-level Unit 4 Edexcel Nuffield Chemistry past paper.
Bruv, I decided to crank dat roosevelt. I got 60% aliez.
by naviman January 18, 2009
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snorting or cranking crystal Roosevelts.
Watch me as i crank dat roosevelt and get MESSSED UP MAYNE!
by Joe N. October 30, 2007
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