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a beautiful set of 'balancing' lakes built as part of the development of the new town of craigavon.usually referred to simply as the lakes.surrounded by acres of parkland.
main attractions include for dead fish and toilet seats
2.swimming in heavily polluted water thereby growing another arm as a result
3.drinking and graffitti under the numerous lovely bridges
4.for kids aged 5 and over,bricking passing trains
5.watching all the people that actually work and have jobs powerwalk to keep fit
6.watersports centre is out of bounds due to radioactive contamination
7.tannaghmore animal farm,and if you visit the park at night you can witness the antics of derrymacash youths who cant hold their drink
8.and finally,rushmere shopping centre is very close to hand,as is legahory which sells a wide selection of your favorite class A,B and C drugs.

man:"wana walk around craigavon lakes love?"
wife:"nah cos we might be ate by the zombie"
by Kunstable January 16, 2007
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