1.Slang (used by mostly african americans) meaning a person who is making some one laugh by being crazy, acting dumb and or acting a "fool". In reality the person is no crackhead but is just acting like one.
2. A very funny person.
3. Can also be used as class clown

"Boy u need to stop man, crackhead a**"

"Man you a straight up crack head hahaha"

Teacher: "Tyrelle I see u want to be a crack head to day, go to the principal's office!"
by falalalalalalalala!! February 17, 2009
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Slang for reference to hard drug addict
Crackheads are dirty hobos eat live and breathe waste
by Ashley April 06, 2005
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Crackhead is a victim of a chemical and biological attack on the citizens of that crackheads country!
Toronto Aids conference indicated that injection drug usage
was responcible for the most frequent source of transmition and new HIV victim.

Since the increased security of 911, one would expect all non-indiginous narcartics, would be impossible to find, or use. But we find that reality and theory are opposite of each other, and anything you want is available everywhere, on a Crackhead street corner near you.
Just make sure your wearing a seat belt, or you'll get a ticket!
by realityrealy October 25, 2007
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Someone who you would see while you were walking down the street of a strange neighborhood who bony and FUGLY!!!!!!!!!!!!! They usually look retarted and walk with there feet all the way behind there ugly, bony bodies (If there on that good stuff!)
There goes another crack-head. What has happened to the world these days! Oh i'm sorry man, i didn't know that was your mamma!
by Tierra Range August 17, 2006
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A person with a farily large crack in the skull region
"holy shit nigga, that bitch gots a crack on his head!"
"what a crackhead"
by buns face man July 31, 2006
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{see thugs} may sometimes be a thug on crack. Or, just may be a guy on da street askin 4 ya number and smokes crack at the same time
Pass that crack nigga.

Can i have yo numba?
by Woody May 13, 2004
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