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someone with intense focus and skill in a video game on the drug Adderall
that kid tfue is cracked out
by solicitify November 14, 2018
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The state of mind of someone who is wide awake yet mentally exhausted; usually as a result of being under the influence of stimulants for long periods of time.
Midterm exams are finally over, but now I’m too cracked out to sleep or do anything fun
by R0€K3T March 16, 2019
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1. the after effect of a drug binge.
2.a person who is burnt.
3.too many drugs
4. something is fucked.
"man i'm all cracked out from that party"
"man, that person is cracked out"
"that was pretty cracked out"
by jilldo December 27, 2003
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having lost all sense and rationality because of sleep deprivation due to extensive use of meth
tweaker 1: "dude, you look sooo cracked-out."
tweaker 2: "really? i've been up for like 3 days. want a line?"
by aaron fuentes December 06, 2005
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The spaced- out what the fuck is going on feelin you get the morning after a party where you've been rollin all night.
I am so cracked out... I don't know what to write here.
by Jenn July 25, 2003
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adj., adv.

Referring to a physical and/or mental state of extreme exhaustion, generally coupled with any form of substance abuse (ganja, beer, or crack, of course).
I stayed up all night cracked out on ritalin and caffeine pills.
by Mike January 19, 2003
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