this tw was once said by the well known influencer Duke Depp, the story of “TW//Cracked Pie” was that he was doing a dukemoose live while waiting for his pie to bake (it was a frozen box pie, he cant bake) and when he went to get his pie out it was CRACKED.
omg TW//Cracked Pie”
by Messul / Dukedeppswhore March 24, 2021
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What the larger ladies have inside their underwear.
Rosie O'Donnell was busted at the airport with twenty pounds of crack in her pants.
by Poll Hereford November 3, 2009
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It's a crack that you don't have to feel guilty for. Therefore you may use it and be free of guilt. Mainly diet crack.
I've been thinking of cutting back on crack, do you know anyone selling that vindicated crack? I'm on a diet .
by M3rCy December 6, 2017
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the crackling sound that is made when a screw is removed for the first time ever from any piece of equipment
If you don't hear the virgin crack, it's possible the screw has been taken out before
by nadbmal July 11, 2017
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When someone is acting so wacky and they seem like they are on crack
Wow shes acting really crazy she must be "wack on crack"
by ermaa February 18, 2016
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A “golden child” that has seemed blissfully happy their whole lives, typically having many friends and good grades. The catch is their self-sabatoging tendencies and longing to be somewhere else or someone else. Their “crack” is coming and they’ll likely go completely insane. But it hasn’t happened yet.
“Man, that girl is a real un-cracked egg. She’s going to go crazy one of these days.”
by NowListenHereYaLittleShits January 25, 2022
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