The area between the ass cheeks and, in females, including the crevices of the genitalia.
Her thong was pulled so tight up her crack, you could see her asshole when she bent over.
by Peter Purfle March 19, 2003
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Use this word when describing something good or well-done.
by Cantave August 11, 2007
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gay whore:"can you fuck me?"
Me:"bruh go eat crack and play minecraft"
by a person that hates minecraft November 2, 2020
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In computers, a program that modifies the code of another in order to bypass copy protection techniques. Cracks are often applied to trial programs or programs requiring product activation.
My copy of Windows didn't activate so I downloaded a crack and now it works.
by computer_guy February 17, 2008
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Shit i just bought Z-ro's new album Crack that hoe jammin like a muthafucka.
by cracker88 October 10, 2008
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Anything thing that can be addictive like a song, a game or an activity.
"Yo you heard that new song from Jay-Z?"
"Yeah that shit is CRACK"

"What you doing?"
"I'm playing Halo 3"
"Word. Halo is CRACK"
by MAK MAN April 4, 2008
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1. Another type of cocaine that is smokeable; often sold in the streets
2. An object or item that is addicting
3. The lining part of the ass
ayo son, you ever played Grand Theft Auto that shit is crack.
yo she needs to pull up her pants, I just saw her ass crack.

by lOvInitInhArLem January 21, 2007
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