A city where crack cocaine dominates the local economy. The difference between a regular city and a crack city is the large quantity of feral crack heads roaming the streets searching for various avenues of revenue to purchase more crack.
Yesterday I was chillin in crack city and a crackhead tried to sell me his bicycle for $5.
by wordup816 March 22, 2010
A ghetto-ass city where Crack cocaine is the drug of choice. A place where cops don't get paid enough to deal with your shit and nine year olds are free to peddle as much as they can do the math.
1. Crack city bitch, crack,crack city bitch
2. Yo fuckers Imma be at CRACK CITY
3. Yeah just gettin my crack from crack city
4. D.C.
by PineapplesPeralta February 4, 2014
when you walk around streets on drugs weed preferably but also crack
me and chris went crack city rockin all over new york and it was awesome
by chris stiller June 10, 2009
When you rome the streets under the influence of drugs such as Crack, Nose candy aka "Coke" but mostly Marijuana and LSD to give that psychedelic feeling, this happens mostly at night in big cities like SF or NYC or in any city were you tend to see alot of squatters or stuck up kids. A knife or a weapon is recommended and music also helps the "Trip"
Punk #1:Hey did you hear about Johnny? He went Crack city rockin' alone and got licked.

Punk #2:What happend to his knucks?

Punk #1:He was so fried on that acid that he lost them.!
by Suicidal Alcazar July 23, 2009
The part of Dade City, Florida, that is on the other side of the rail road tracks. Notorious for it's rampant drug sales and prostitution, hence the name.
Dude: I need to score some blow and get some ass...
Druggie: Let's go to crack town Dade City! They've got the best.
Dude: Okay!!
by blukittygeek December 28, 2011