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A girl who has had more cock than Brokeback Mountain and who is the receptacle and transmitter of crabs. Someone who can spread crabs to an entire bowling league, football team, bachelor party, high school, or Magic club. This person tends to be either the town whore or the quiet "girl next door" who has secretly fucked every Tom, Dick and Harry in a 50 mile radius. Synonyms: Cum Dumpster, Gutter Slut, Cock Queen, Cootie Catcher, Crotch Cracker
"Oh my god, you slept with her! She is such a Crab Net."

"The Crab Net just walked into the bar. What do you think she will snag tonight?"

"You don't want to sleep with him, he's gotten himself caught up in a Crab Net."
by Julie the Queen November 12, 2007
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A sexual act; When a man inserts his scrotum and testes into a woman's anus, tugging repetitively.
Jose didn't walk straight for a week after he and Rachel tugged them some crab net.
by jacob917 October 26, 2006
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