A person that complains when they are killed in Rainbow Six
stop being a Cp, you died the same way we did.
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by youngman1512 March 02, 2018
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damit ist gemeint du hast einen coolen penis zb du hast aber einen coolen cp boy
by teamroyal April 19, 2018
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Combat Pokemon! Make sure evergyone knows you love combat Pokemon by screaming I LOVE CP
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by Vector X3 November 10, 2020
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cp stands for child porn i have no idea why you type this but you might have a reason i dont really have to explain what child porn it just either an adult fucking a child or either a child is fucking child this type of porn you can either find... around google there was once a little website that showed it (i didnt see it was around tiktok) but google deleted you can have these shits from normal web dark web and deep web mostly speaking this are illegal cause minor and you know now not everyone saw it cause no one saw the fbi i didnt see it either cause IM A MINOR GET OFF MY BACK YOU now im gonna these website are mostly filled with (Jared Fogle) tho is he in jail kids who are too curious teen who are curious and leave as soon these type are porn and old people and pedos arent your meatspin or lemon party or women tub if your werid like duh child porn now why was cp made it was made by a pedo i mean now i know repeting myself but i never watch these so i have no info and info i was told might be target are kinda useless
Jared Fogle: hey wannaa watch C P

women (forget her name): no 911
Jared Fogle: fuck
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by eeeeeeaeee May 21, 2021
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Collinder police
The pastafarians were caught by the CP
by The Bean Bird June 15, 2018
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Also known as COLLEGE PARK a shopping mall located in Toronto CANADA
"Ayo you tryna go post up at CP"
by TGFOLKJESUS April 18, 2017
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