The government invented them to sell smokehouse bacon cheddar cheeseburgers to poor, ignorant folks.
"II understand why you want to be a cowboy"
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by Taylorrrrrrrrrrrr123 October 22, 2019
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Cowboys make a run for Mexico in every movie, but none of them keep going and make it to Brazil or Argentina. You also don't hear about a cowboy crossing the Atlantic in a boat headed for a remote island, or landing a hot air balloon in the Sahara desert and riding a camel for the rest of his life. There must be a town in Mexico full of old retired cowboys.
The cowboys never go anywhere but Mexico when they escape. There hasn't been a cowboy during yet in Asia, Africa, Europe, or Australia, none have popped up there.
by Ghost of Nate Abel Cox December 22, 2019
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a delicacy composed of bagel, turkey, barbecue sauce, and cheese.
Person 1: I'm gonna go grab a cowboy before the football game, wanna come with?

Person 2: Nah, I had a philly steak and cheeze like 10 minutes ago
by analfriends September 28, 2007
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