Cowards are cunts really. People who wont fight for der country, will run away when der mates are gettin the shit kicked out of them.All people from the country france are cowards as they let da Nazi's shit all over dem. If i was french i would be soooo ashamed of my self
Nothing worse than been a coward
France= the country filled with cowards
by D to the N December 12, 2006
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Someone who runs and hides when adversity strikes or shit gets real. Would rather hide than take responsibility for their actions.
"You remember that Andy guy?"
"Yeah! How are things?
"Oh well we broke up but he knocked me up and is now refusing to take any responsibility"
"What a coward!"
"I know, right... Andy is an effing coward and a fraud."
by rockstarkitten1805 December 23, 2014
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Having the attribute(s) of a bovine or going the same direction as a herd.
"Hay, you are sure a coward."
"Cow-ard ho"
by MyCowsCanFly February 06, 2007
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A man who awakens a womans love with no intention of loving her....
Juan Mauricio is a real coward for doing Diana the way he did....
by Dirty Dee31 April 24, 2018
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Origin: Modern American English

1.) noun: any person(s) who is afforded an opportunity to hear the truth and chooses not accept the offer.

2.) verb: the conscious and deliberate act of denial of any and all facts that have the potential to damage one's ego
ex: He is such a douche! I really wanted to tell him why I thought that he was such a piece of shit, but he decided to be a coward and ghost me, instead.
by .~TheVelvetHammer August 29, 2016
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