“I can’t believe Tyler Joseph won’t add the hype to the set list. What a coward
by Coward Tyler Joseph February 19, 2019
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Tyler Joseph is such a coward! He is also a pieceof shof but lots of love
by Gay Chlorine February 24, 2019
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A coward is afraid of lots of things that aren’t scary at all. They’re usually just wimpy little kids.
An example of a coward is Tyler Joseph. Tyler Joseph, the singer from twenty one pilots is a big fat coward.
hey you know that band twenty one pilots?
Yeah dude they’re pretty cool. Well, one of them is. The others a coward.
Right! Tyler Joseph is a coward, but we STAN josh.
by katymaria February 17, 2019
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Violent action carried out through cowardly attacks targeting unarmed civilians as means of coercion. Also known as "terrorism". However, the term "cowardism" is preferred over "terrorism" as it is less subjective and politically unbiased.
Cowardism has claimed countless number of innocent lives and has disrupted international peace.
by cowardism-defined.org July 30, 2019
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