She refused to face her alcoholism, she ran to the bottle like a coward.
Her boyfriend cowered like a coward when confronted by her husband.
by Mr. Wonderful2017 July 21, 2017
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Refers to individuals that pursue predictable life paths of primary education followed by college / university and relatively secure, full-time employment in established companies.

Such individuals may occasionally perform some sort of community service but spend most of their spare time engaging in popularized social activities like watching mainstream sports, movies, patronizing membership gyms, shopping, visiting popular pubs and restaurants, and travelling to commonly visited tourist destinations. Such individuals generally only interact with people with similar backgrounds.

Opposites of cowards include non-traditional artists and musicians, certain entrepreneurs, non-mainstream political activists, Peace Corps volunteers, and others who take riskier, more creative, or less predictable paths in life.
A group of cookie cutter cowards handed out corporate business cards at the MBA reunion.
by the_hao_zi August 22, 2008
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An individual who on numerous occasions boasts how terrific he is in various life activities, but fails miserably to achieve results and then runs away and crawls into a hole never to take his medicine for his complete lack of life skills.

He taunts other people at drafts and calls his fantasy sports teams something to mock another person like "MY WIFE DRAFTED FOR ME", but he himself embodies loneliness and fails at not just fantasy sports but at life in general and hides away for months, only to resurface and begin his cycle of cowardice all over again, each summer.
Peter said that he would bury you this week in Fantasy Football, but he lost and simply disappeared from the message board. What a damn coward!
by Ivan Drago's Right Hand November 04, 2009
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A weak person who backs away and possibly runs in light of confrontation. See France.
The french are the worlds worst cowards.
by Pill Box March 03, 2008
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1) A human being with a penis between their legs

2)men who:

-say they will call you and then don't
- know they want you, but they pretend they don't
-tell you what type of woman they want, and when they find out that you are all those things, they find reasons to avoid you
- say stupid things like 'don't call me , I'll call you' or something to that effect

-are jealous and don't want to admit it
-who lie
- who say they hate liars , but lie themselves
- online, who say that they are seeking real emotional relationships but have screen names that relate to sex.
'Why are men such fucking cowards?'
by Laety April 19, 2006
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