someone who makes plans with you and when he can't make it because he spent his gas money on weed he can't even text you to tell you so he just blows you off.
dan could have just texted to tell me he couldn't make it but he's a coward.
by your messed up February 6, 2011
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someone who timidly avoids a challenger or adversity
Tim is such a coward because he allows he's wife to go on a date with her ex-husband.
by Gerard Irick November 10, 2009
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another term for a terrorist or someone who uses a gun in a fight.
yo, j- kwon is a real coward, he shot a 55 year old store clerk and kilt him cuz he wuz robbin his store. Wut a pussy.
by THE BOSS of THE WORLD December 29, 2010
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tyler joseph. he is a coward. end of story.
"who's a coward?"
"tyler joseph"
by slowtown May 27, 2019
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Refers to individuals that pursue predictable life paths of primary education followed by college / university and relatively secure, full-time employment in established companies.

Such individuals may occasionally perform some sort of community service but spend most of their spare time engaging in popularized social activities like watching mainstream sports, movies, patronizing membership gyms, shopping, visiting popular pubs and restaurants, and travelling to commonly visited tourist destinations. Such individuals generally only interact with people with similar backgrounds.

Opposites of cowards include non-traditional artists and musicians, certain entrepreneurs, non-mainstream political activists, Peace Corps volunteers, and others who take riskier, more creative, or less predictable paths in life.
A group of cookie cutter cowards handed out corporate business cards at the MBA reunion.
by the_hao_zi August 23, 2008
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