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A person who bullies, lies, cheats, steals and manipulates everyone around him. Has a false sense of reality
One who will accuse you of everything they are doing. When asked questions or proof of such accusations will resort to name calling and bullying.

A man who lays his hands on his wife or girlfriend because she deserved it for tteating him so poorly. A man who projects his feelimgs about himself onto others and will not take responsibility or even see that he has done anything wrong. A selfish person who in his mind is absolutely perfect.

He will call you a liar while he lies to you. Call you a thief because he left items at your house and then steal from you.

Calls you a whore and a cheat then go home to his wife or girlfriend.

Tells you that you have ran off with your friends to place house then goes home to sleep on the couch or the woman he cheated on you with.

Tells yoj he was never with said female but sends you half naked pics of her and tells you how much better she is at everything.
Tell you he loves you then calles you a cum dumpster cunt bitch whore.
Recalls every wrong you have done in life while forgetting his own all in the name of love. Narcissist.
Quilty of every accusation he has thrown at you.
Todd is a coward ass pussy who will always abuse, lie, cheat, steal and manipuate everyone he comes in contact with.
by #donewithyourcowardassbullshit January 05, 2018
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