A greeting used by only the most intelligent. Often said or used while (orgasming) or (shooting the goo)
Cowabunga dude.
by 3 pac January 28, 2019
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Quirky Sally's definition is fine, but the word originated from surfer slang in the early sixties.
Cowabunga! Look at her ride that wave.
by sgwm April 19, 2005
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when you are smoking pot, and you don't realize your high until 5 or 10 minutes later!
wow I'm high.... cowabunga!
by anonymous cause its a secret October 30, 2007
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Someone who throws a cow, in a cow throwing contest.
Derived form the sport of cow throwing. The participant in the event.

Bung as in to throw, makes the entrant a 'Bunga'.
The winner of the world cow throwing championships, is crowned world champion Cowabunga.
by The Scope September 06, 2012
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The act of mounding cocaine on a (usually Columbian) woman's asshole, placing your face directly over said mound, and inhaling deeply through your nose as she farts. Subsequently, inducing a sense of euphoria that can only be expressed as Cowabunga!
"Hey, man how was it last night? Sounds like you two got pretty crazy.
"Yeah bro! Shit was off the hook! She gave me the Cowabunga!"
"Sick homie! You should go was your face though before we hit up the frat house"
by Mr. Tummy Styx November 21, 2018
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