1. a slothful woman
2. a woman with large tits
3. the female of the household (includes the more-female-like of a lesbian couple)
1. she's a cow, she lies around on the couch all the time and eats, watching TV

2. she's a real cow, man, you shud see her udders and especially her big pointy teats

3.(he):Well, last drink, I gotta go home and service the cow. She's on the rag and really horny.
by Jake February 20, 2004
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Terrifying fat horses with arses where their faces should be and 6 penises that other cows suck on.
Totally evil and useless other than that magic mushrooms can be found in fetid slabs of their excrement.
Mushroom picker: Gosh isn't it lucky theres no cows in this field at the moment !?
Cow: moo
Mushroom picker: arg!!!
Cow: moo
More cows: moo moo
*all that was found was a muddy bobble-hat*
by ewan January 03, 2005
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Kine is a hawaiian words that translates to "the one". It is used to express like or show praise towards something or someone. The term has been popularized in the continental United States in reference to potent Cannabis.
"This steak is da kine"
by Dr. Dankenstein October 05, 2006
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