1. woman with large breasts (udders) and teats (nipples)

2. diesel locomotive (in North America);there is also a calf...a diesel locomotive without the "diesel", its merely a lower, more-squat locomotive, no cab, no diesel, just the electric traction motors. The cow has the disel engine(s) so called the prime mover, as well as the electric traction motors which drive the wheels. Occasionally the term slug is used in place of calf; the slug has the electric traction motors, is squat, with no cab, no diesel engine(s).
The 100-car consist was pulled by 2 cowes with their calves (calfs).
by Jake February 23, 2004
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el depresso. cows are very depressed over nothing. they sit at tables with there boyfriend (one of many) and pretend to cry with them. they do very weird sexual things to girls and make them feel arkward yet claim theyre straight. they sleep around and then say they didnt consent. they sink very low and need to grow up before it all back fires on them. they need to learn that lieing consistantly gets you no where and they always get found out in the end. they make strange noises like 'mooo' alot. they also like to make claims of harrasment and verbal abuse against others when infact it was them who 'harrased and verbally abused' someone. basically, theyre completely screwed up and have no life.
person 1: hey did you see that vanessa girl the other day?
person 2: yea, what a cow!
by coastguard man May 16, 2009
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Also known as 'beef people'.
Beef people (aka cows) are tasty.
by CanuckGod January 19, 2008
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1. Mature female of specific animals, such as cattle, dolphins and deer.
2. Colloquially, just cattle.
1. The bull cattle on the beach noticed the cow dolphin tending after her baby.
2. Bulls are male cows.
by udusers1 May 18, 2014
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Verb- the act of having sex with a woman doggy-style while grasping ones hands around the woman's nipples and yanking them up and down in the hope that they will produce milk.
Dude, I totally cowed your mom last night.
by lolwatdotcom February 17, 2011
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Slang for the Tauren race in the MMORPG World of Warcraft
Look at that fat cow, he can't even ride under that vine
by Malick June 28, 2008
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a animal that is spotted with black or brown spots (the brown for chchocolate cows) yummmmmmmmmm beef
moo more moo poop lots of poop that smells like crap because it is crap
by rap and rock February 13, 2005
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