1.the number cause of global warming.
2. a herd of animals that have been eaten for thousands of years by humans.
3. an animal whoes shit smells ten times worse than the toilet at its badest.
1.damn cows emitting all that CO2
2.eating Cows, its so easy, a caveman can do it.
3. dude man someone laid a number 2 on the toilet, it smells like cow doodo
by Sahara Desert December 16, 2008
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a disturbingly fat lady with extremely saggy breasts and enough rolls to fill a bakery.
"EWWWW!!,OMG a naked cow is on the loose!!
by quintin June 25, 2004
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Are you going to go to that event in Garden Grove? That's totally going to C.O.W.!

Barack Obama promised to C.O.W.!
by Chad Valancia July 02, 2009
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1. a large farm animal.

2. a middle-aged, rude, and sometimes fat/ugly woman. a good insult to mumble under your breath after this tard walks away.
Large farm animal: "moo"

Me: "lol its a cow"

Fat ugly rude teacher: "7 page essay on incredibly pointless island culture due tomorrow!!"

Me: "stupid cow..."
by kitikat88 December 17, 2008
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Idiot1: "Dood! I was playing Diablo 2 yesterday, and I got to the cow level!"
Idiot2: "Wtf, dude. There is no cow level!"
by cantCatchMeh September 10, 2008
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A word derived from Hawaiian pidgeon meaning "the one" and also used to substitute a noun, to explain a degree of somthing, or when you just wen fo'get da name of somebody.
Sub. for "the one": This pakalolo is da kine!
Noun: I left my keys on da kine...(table)
Degree: Theres small kine waves today.
Sub. for a person's name: Where is da kine...Your braddah?

by Mary Alice November 19, 2006
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