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synonomyous for the word beautiful. The legend behind the terminology "courtney sheetz" was that long ago in ancient roman times there was a child born, named courtney sheetz.. but this was not just any child it was the most beautiful child ever to be born and as she blossomed so did her beauty. All the men swooned at the sight at her and as this happened she became a new idol for mans vision of perfection... this did not fly with goddess Athena so she placed an evil enchantement on courtney sheetz and forever from then any man who dared gaze upon her would forever be blinded. (just as pat lee is in his F-book profile pic) But in honor of her beauty the roman men secretly adopted "courtney sheetz" as the new word for beauty/beautiful.. so that she would forever be remembered as being more beautiful than the goddess Athena.. who is reffered to as being very courtney sheetz.
Damn! That bitch be courtney sheetz!

Baby, your the most courtney sheetz woman in the world.
by patlee December 25, 2008
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