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Noted as the best school in Spotsylvania county. Has some of the hottest girls and guys and represents the best class... CLASS 0F 2006. Has the best parties where the cops dont get called and where people dont run through barbed wire in order to escape from the cops. It isnt filled with dirty people who get incredibly drunk and hook up with random guys and then deny it all the next day. Not very many people at Courtland "pop their collars" and the ones who do... Look damn good with it popped so all you gay ass Riverbend kids, can basically get on your knees now and kiss my ass because we all know Courtland prevails in everything! Oh yeah and for the rest of you Riverbend kids who think you're hot and wanna talk shit about Courtland kids say something now. At least when we have parties we provide alcohol as where yall rely on the Courtland kids to bring it.
Damn Courtland is one tight school I feel bad for all those sorry losers who go to Riverbend.
by TheRealBrookeConn March 24, 2005
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A high school residing in the Spotsylvania County obviously completely warped where they let students run wild onto the fields of the interWEB so they can reflect bad grammar and their lack of logic.
Some of the student body seem to be raging alcoholics, or will soon be in the future.
Their parties aren't ones to rave about, their shoes are shiny but their personalities aren't.
I, honestly, would much rather go to the Commonwealth Governor's School. :'D
By god, are those COURTLAND kids I see on the internet?!

Courtland High School is big and shiny.

Courtland High School is big, shiny, and has a colossal parking lot.

Courtland High School is big, shiny, has a colossal parking lot, AND scary kids that bring guns to school.
by lola. September 21, 2006
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a high school containing mainley a bunch a bunch of bitches who wont have sex or drink enough to get drunk and are mad because they dont get invited to the good riverbend parties.
"courtland sucks lets go to a riverbend party with are collars popped even though no one wants us there or invited us"
by brookeconn March 23, 2005
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A school that is obviously oblivious to the fact they arent hot shit. They are nothing. They never provide alcohol, and they think running through barbed wire is riverbends fault. Stop comin then! We dont need/want you there. You never bring alcohol for us and we never would want to fuckin ask your bitch asses anyway.
Hey Guys, lets run our mouth about a first year school even tho we have nothing to talk about! Lets run our mouths, then go to party with them the next day and act like we give them alcohol when we really dont do shit.
by Faggot Courtland April 04, 2005
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A high school with a concentration of gay people that rivals that of San Francisco. You think you have seen fags? You haven't seen the courtland kids. A party just isnt a party without one of the homos from courtland showing up with his collar popped and his penis ready for any male ass. Courtland can keep its queers to itself...stay out of the RHS events.
"Man there aren't enough fags here at riverbend, i want to go back to courtland"
by Riverbend March 24, 2005
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