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A fake wannabe country boy who can be found wearing camo hats, camo shirts/coats, camo pants, and cheap sunglasses. Can be found hanging out at the local McDonalds spitting cheap tobacco and talking how big of a lift they got on their rusted out POS truck or who's property they ripped up last night with their POS truck. Thinks they are country because they wear camo, drive trucks, and hunt, but in fact know little to nothing about real country life. Most of them live in suburbs with with their mommy and daddy. Can be spotted in public driving lifted pieces of shit like 90' Jeeps, 90's Dodge Rams, diesel trucks, and any beat up rusted out piece of shit truck that they can find. Most of the ones driving diesels or newer trucks are funded strictly by daddy.
i went down to mcdonalds and there was a ton of country frat boys standing there bragging to each other about who has the better lift kit on their small dick mobile.
by the0varie September 12, 2016
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