The hot young men that a cougar spends time with and money on. She very much considers them to be her's, as do they.
She was a true cougar, and had the cougar cubs to prove it. All young, all hot and all hers.
by Bunnyfitch November 24, 2014
the offspring of any cougar that has successfully mated with her cougar bait
" oh yeah jen & walt? she is totally the cougar wifey, 3 years older than him and they have kids, look at their 2 little cougar cubs... luke & avery"
by redneck wrecka July 17, 2008
I met a hot 50 year old last night. I'm gonna be her cougar cub.
by Pamrobber February 26, 2017
A younger cougar or a cougar in training. A girl in her 20's who hunts her prey like the mature cougar, but without all the city miles. She will stalk her pray relentlessly until she gets the booty she needs.
That cougar cub at work won't stop harassing me, she's not going to stop until she devours me!
by RB78 December 28, 2007
A male or female(depending on sexuality) that enjoys cougars hunting on them or go out especially for cougars.
Jenni is cougar cub, she only dates older women.
Max loves cougars, he is a cougar cub.
by Squeaks6 August 7, 2012
A young lady/girl who you can tell at an older age (40+) will be a banger. Pre-cougar period.
Person #1: "Look at that girl over there. You can tell she's gonna be a hot momma."
Person #2: "Yeah, she's a definite cougar cub!"
by Ctodamuthafuckin'ODY May 21, 2010
A lovely young female who may or may not be a cougar herself. Men...or boys of all ages want her and she will continue to suss out what potential is out there until she finds someone worthy enough of her cougar-like antics.
Damn, I wish that cougar cub would hit on me.
by t_twloha September 16, 2009