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A cougar bimbo is an older, often married woman who enjoys going out and finding much younger men to have sex with. She often has platinum blonde hair, always has big fake tits and usually has other cosmetic surgery. She always wears obscenely short mini skirts, usually without panties... Tiny crop tops and never wears a bra. Always making sure her nipples are visible as she walks down the street wiggling her ass. She's constantly bringing home college-age boys and letting them do whatever they want to her slutty plastic body. Grunting and moaning as they use her fuck holes.
Kathy walked into the college bar wearing her shortest mini skirt and 6-inch fuck me pumps. She knew all the young men could see her ass and when she sat down she made sure she flashed her shaved pussy. Her tiny crop-top barely covered her big fake tits. She smiled at the boys staring at her... It didn't take long for one of them to buy her a drink. 10 minutes later she was in the back seat of his car with her legs in the air and his naked cock pumping her married pussy. She begged him to shoot his cum inside her. He called her a filthy whore as he shot his load deep in her married cunt... As soon as he was done she was ready to look for the next young man to give her what she needs. Kathy can't help it, she loves young cock so much. She's just a cougar bimbo
by Btld222 July 10, 2017
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